We’ve all been there, 2 cups of coffee down by 10am, still yawning, having worked late, gone to the gym and not eaten until late, maybe late binge-watched your new favorite box set or had an overnight flight, which ever it is, you are never truly firing on all cylinders after not getting enough shut eye.

In the ever increasing 24 hour life style we are living, is our brain coping with the effects of sleep deprivation as well as we think? More and more studies from universities and independent companies would say not, with it effecting memory and concentration levels most of all, with recent tests coming back from Western University in Canada from a pool of volunteers, there are some interesting results seen in the article below.

We spend nearly a third of our lives asleep, and giving our body the recovery time it needs after a long day, is just as important as eating healthily and drinking lots of water. I personally think we will see more start-ups & spin offs from top University’s focusing in the areas related to sleep deprivation.