Every January there are hundreds of articles posted looking to predict and discuss what the 'trends' of the next year will be and what direction each industry will be moving in. 

However, as we saw in 2016 there are so many variables that play pivotal factors that prevent us from making real predictions. The Biotech market specifically has so many factors to consider it makes 2017 almost impossible to predict. 

I for one am excited about what the year will bring, with clients throughout San Francisco, San Diego & Seattle forecasting huge growth within their ranks. 

I am encouraging my team here to take each month as it comes and spend real time understanding our clients needs and requirements as opposed to trying to predict what the year will bring - you never know what is around the corner after all! 

If you would like to discuss the direction you think the Biotech space is moving give one of our team a call - we are always keen to discuss what we see!!!