Our team here at SciPro is broken down into core vertical markets with a recruiter covering each area of the Life Sciences landscape. Many of our competitors have a real focus on RA & QA and of course we cover these areas however, one of the areas we have seen a real growth in over the course of this year is R&D. 

R&D is the scientific exploration of disease mechanisms progressing to the discovery and development of agents which impact specific disease mechanisms and provide therapeutic benefit. Our clients will allocate a budget every year to the research & development of potential disease mechanisms and in the article attached we can see who the major spenders are.

In Europe, R&D spending has stayed pretty steady with no real spikes. However, out here in the US, we are seeing a constant increase in spending. With companies willing to allocate some serious money trying their very best to create 'the next big thing'. This has lead to the arrival of the first wave of biosimilars from the 'big pharmas', many of which are happy to invest in big Phase IIIs with an eye to grabbing a market niche for some of the world’s megablockbusters.

Have a look at how the top 15 biopharma R&D budgets... its an interesting read.