Changes in technology, connectivity, generational differences have lead to a change in views in terms of how we approach our working lives. 

One of the game changers is the ability to work and perform your duties from home. As a return to work Mum I am fortunate that my business allows me the opportunity to strike a work life balance. BUT this isn't always the case and in the last 6 months I am seeing more and more companies in the Life Science industry curtail their appetite for flexibility around home working. 

I am yet to read an article or speak to one of my customers about how easy it is to find talent - the demand certainly outweighs supply. 

Employee engagement and well being is key to a productive work force and employers need to take the onus to build an environment where this doesn't have a detrimental effect on their culture and peoples ability to integrate. 

Scientists are amazing problem solvers so can anyone solve this?