Here is another bite-size nugget of wisdom from the colourful Greg. This really hit home as it is a subject my poor team have had to endure me banging on about over the last few weeks!

I've decided to adopt the ethos of 'The biggest grin in business' following Richard Branson who lives by the 'Screw it....let's do it!' mentality. 

After doing this job for a while now, I've found myself less wide-eyed and ready to get shot down and more interested in being seen as an industry expert and someone who could hold my own in a group of my clients having a conversation at a conference after party. 

Then it struck me. My clients don't want an expert...THEY ARE the experts. 

They don't need some contract recruitment bod to know as much as them. They want me to be there for them when the don't have the time to be the expert that they want to be. i.e. when they need to bite the bullet and hire a contractor. 

This mentality needs to be at the forefront of everything we do through out the day. 

Worrying about whether 8.15am is too early to call a client or reading that email 3 times to make sure your subliminal message is coming across loudly enough is NOT helping you.  SCREW IT... just do it!

If you get burned, guess what, it doesn't matter - you tried! 

No-one ever lost a deal for being too eager to move business along or for making that call to a candidate to push for those last few documents. If you go for it and fail chances are you were going to fail anyway, but you found out quicker! Onward and upwards!

More positive activity = more positive results. You just need to get through the bad results faster!