This is a really interesting report by Accenture Consulting on what high performers are doing right and how pharma companies can achieve sustained high performance in the future. 

The good news, according to this 'the pharmaceutical industry is buoyant'

The great news is, the whole peer group returned to growth for the first time in four years. Accenture believes that 'this growth is now forecast to accelerate in 2016 and hold over the next 5 years'

There are of course challenges, pressure is rising to make therapeutics more affordable and more widely accepted. So, here are Accenture's 4 key finds from its recent report on what the best course of action should be for pharmaceutical companies: 

1) Investors continue to reward new science 

2) Growth has returned and is forecast to accelerate while margins have improved - but growth continues to be polarized at a company level 

3) Affordability and market access will challenge new science as a growth driver. 

4) High Performers will increasingly combine breakthrough medical science with clearly demonstrated outcomes for patients and healthcare systems. 

Accenture forecast that 'sustained high performance will come from those companies that can drive operational change that can keep pace with innovation'. With a changing healthcare economy, the real challenge will be turning science into value 

To read the full report please continue to the link below.