It all started with the blue/black/gold/white dress......then it was the hidden leopards.....question is; Can you make head or tail of the latest optical illusion to divide the internet?

An Optical Illusion is defined as something that deceives the eye by appearing to be other than it is.

  • an experience of seeming to see something which does not exist or is other than it appears.

Optical Illusions show specialists so much in regards to the operation of the brain's perception, that experts from around the world are set to gather in Leicester this month to discuss how optical illusions have played an important part in medicine through the centuries.

A University of Leicester conference will assess visual illusions throughout history in light of recent findings, which show that visual illusions can alter brain function and even possible reactions to reducing pain without the use of drugs!

Question is... WHAT THE HELL IS IT???!!!!

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