With the industry still recovering from the shock (although not wholly unexpected) of the "PfizerGan" collapse, the Baxalta/Shire combination, without doing anything, has come out somewhat stronger than previously. Shire & Baxalta, staying true to their word back in January is on track to completing the deal later this year. 

I understand that businesses will always be businesses and they will always be aiming to increase their profits and margins. But in the Pharmaceutical industry, where the whole sector is bound by the simple premise that medication are created to combat and fight diseases, one should not be associating the sector with profits and margins so freely. 

With the below statement issued by Shire that its rationale of the combination is to create a company focused on rare diseases rather than for tax reasons, it has to be said it is rather refreshing. Of course, only time will tell whether this deal follows through. Or at least, for the time being, there are hopefully brighter and bigger things to come for rare diseases.