With Autism Acceptance Month in mind and my previous post on 'Employable Me' featuring topics around autism, I came across these beautiful videos from Apple reminding us "how important it is to ensure everyone with a voice can be heard". 

It is amazing to see devices helping individuals communicate. More importantly how simple the process is. 

With many advances on apps for health it is clearly a trend in the healthcare market and a future for the medical device industry. 

As Emily Willingham says "the cost of an iPad, for example, is a fraction of what the cluncky visual-keyboard-based "talkers" cost, not to mention far more accessible for many people than battling, over and over again, with the insurance company to even acquire a "talker"".

If these videos provide nothing else, they give a beautiful insight into a world many of us would have never have seen, let alone understood. Both videos, but particularly Dillan's Path, brought a very large tear to my eye and for me, anything that thought provoking about our world is worth sharing.   

Although probably impossibly difficult to predict, I know I'm excited about what the future holds for devices in healthcare; What do you think should be next for the tech health care giants such as Apple?

Dillan's Voice can be viewed at: 


Dillan's Path can be viewed at: