It came as a wee bit (my nod to Alexander Fleming, pictured) of a surprise to me that to-be graduates are being discouraged from pursuing a career in the Pharmaceutical sector. 

John Kearney, president of Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry writes in an insightful article that the Pharmaceutical industry is still very much alive and kicking. Still very much in need for innovative, energetic challengers of the norm to maintain the curiosity and desire to stop people dying prematurely, with cancer and heart disease among the usual suspects. Quite the polar opposite of the notion that 'the golden age of research is over'. With bacteria and diseases always changing and evolving, there is a constant need for the industry to keep up with demands and continue creating and developing new and novel ways to combat diseases. 

Coming from a recruitment perspective, this is an exciting time to join the industry. Yes, it will be hard work. And yes, there will be ups and down. But how exciting is it to work in an industry that, across all levels of seniority, share a common goal, or purpose? A purpose that makes you get out of bed in the morning.