Watching this video, it evokes fantastic memories of my childhood but also a grateful appreciation for today's technology. For me it brought back the nightmare of being told to get off the computer so my parents could use the phone; the never ending wait for a page to load... only for the computer to then crash or lose connection, endless teenage conversations on MSN. Finally to later years, for the beautiful moment 4G finally landed on my iPhone - worldwide connection at my fingers tips 24/7. 

Thinking longer term, this video amazes me that it was only recorded 32 years ago. In just over three decades we have gone from taking 6 minutes to be able to send just one email to our technology working instantly to reach thousands, if not millions of individuals.  

When I discuss projects and products in Life Sciences I am amazed everyday when speaking with clients and candidates to learn of the pipeline they are developing and the advancements made in modern medicine. Even more now with technology giants like Google and Microsoft having joined the healthcare market, my mind boggles at what will be created. 

Where do you think we will be in another 32 years?!