Yes, it has been a while since the last one! Not quite the Allergan-Pfizer deal but this is yet another example of how companies in the Industry are growing and expanding. 

With so many mergers and acquisitions happening in the market, this has lead me to question its effects on staff. Standing from a recruitment viewpoint, and from speaking with professionals during an M&A, uncertainty (or "a bit up in the air") seem to be a shared sentiment during the lengthy process of a merger. And quite often, this is enough of a "trigger" or catalyst for employees to start looking else where. Of course, from a commercial point of view, this may seem a necessary evil. 

With the above in mind, I'm curious to know: given that there are to be no redundancies, what might be the best strategy for a company to take during an M&A to retain their staff? Or if your company is going through an M&A, what will your company have to do to retain your services?